In Latin, ‘nosco’ means ‘I know’ or ‘I am aware of.’ It is the first person singular form of the verb ‘noscere,’ which is generally translated as ‘to know’ or ‘to be aware.’ This word can be used to express the understanding or recognition of something or someone.

En latin, « nosco » signifie « je connais » ou « je suis conscient de ». C’est la première personne du singulier du verbe « noscere », qui se traduit généralement par « connaître » ou « savoir ». Ce mot peut être utilisé pour exprimer la compréhension ou la reconnaissance de quelque chose ou de quelqu’un.

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Similar to how a sommelier helps patrons choose the right wine to enhance their dining experience, a Data Sommelier assists both business and technical leaders in navigating the vast landscape of the data world. Beyond recommending the most relevant and impactful data for informed decision-making, he extends his expertise to technical leaders, aiding them in selecting the right tools to manage and analyze data effectively.

The Data Sommelier possesses a nuanced understanding of various data sets, allowing them to recommend optimal « data pairings » tailored to specific business needs. Whether collaborating with business team to align data flavors with organizational objectives or guiding technical team in tool selection, the Data Sommelier brings forth a unique blend of technical proficiency and a refined comprehension of the business context. In doing so, he orchestrates a harmonious data experience that serves the diverse needs of the organization.